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Current Claims

This is the post listing current claims and links to tables and journals.

Current Claims List

Fandom Claim Table User
Babylon 5 John Sheridan/Delenn 02 anitchka
Babylon 5 Susan/Talia 03 bringingupsammy
Buffy the Vampire Slayer Angel/Drusilla 01 cosmic_writing
Buffy the Vampire Slayer General n/a dierevolution
Crossover (Roswell/Supernatural) Maria/Sam 04 groundedsouls
Crossover (Smallville/Supernatural) Chloe/Sam 04 revivingophelia
CSI: New York General 01 joyfulfeather
Dollhouse Echo/Paul 04 g1rlanachr0n1sm
Dracula Mina Harker 04 mrsharker
Drake and Josh Megan Parker 04 schilling_klaus
Harry Potter Remus Lupin 02 love_works
Heroes Gabriel Gray 02 fromheavencame
Heroes Heidi Petrelli 04 petrelliheidi
Heroes Mohinder 02 carmexgirl
Heroes Sylar 01 anothersaturday
Heroes Peter/Claire 04 paperflowered
Heroes Sylar/Claire 04 ladyanne525
Heroes Sylar/Claire 04 ever_obsessed
Heroes General 02 hihielmo
House Gregory House 04 gregoryjhouse
House Remy "13" Hadley 01 poetanarchy
Inuyasha Sango/Kagome 02 aino_himitsu
LOST Alex/Richard 04 kellysparrow
LOST General 01 angeldylan628
LOST General 04 joyyjpg
LOST General 04 colourmayfade
LOST Jack Shephard 02 missy_useless
LOST Kate Austen 04 lenina20
LOST Jack/Sawyer 03 cielo_claro
Moon Child Kei/Sho 04 riverofnara
Mortal Instruments Jace/Clary 04 marcyjo
NCIS Tony/Ziva 03 paperflowered
Original General 01 double_damn
Original General 04 secondchances92
Phineas and Ferb General 01 steelstar
RPF - Big Bang Youngbae/Seungri 01 poetanarchy
Smallville Chloe/Davis 01 vodooman
Stargate Atlantis Sheppard/Teyla 01 azure_horizon
Stargate SG-1 General 04 sela21k
Star Trek General 04 snowlight
Star Trek XI General 01 igrockspock
Supernatural Castiel 04 janie_tangerine
Supernatural Dean/Castiel 01 ladyyueh
Supernatural Dean/Sam 01 anorienparker
Supernatural General 03 sailorhathor
Supernatural General 02 sailorhathor
Supernatural General 02 fallen_reason
The Sentinel Jim/Blair 04 lunacydecadence
United States of Tara Marshall/Jason 01 yoursecretsoul
The X-Files General 01 wendelah1
Yu Yu Hakusho Hiei/Yusuke 04 aino_himitsu

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