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sacred_20: a writing challenge community
inspired writings
17th-Jun-2014 11:57 pm(no subject)
Hiei and the force
Title: My Sacrifice
Author: aino_himitsu aka Yo
Fandom: Yu Yu Hakusho
Characters/Pairing: Hiei/Urameshi Yusuke
Prompt: Table 4, #15 Fate
Rating: Heavy T
Notes: This was written a long time ago (as in 2005) and dedicated to a dear friend. Other details can be found at the fic's link, which is found below.
Word count: About 3,600 words
Warning(s): Angst, shounen ai, tragedy (read: character death), AU-ish
Summary: I gaze into the terror plaguing his ruby fire eyes, and I know he's scared of losing me.
Disclaimer: I don't own Yu Yu Hakusho, and I didn't make any profit from writing this one-shot.
Claimer: The poem "My Sacrifice" in this fic is my original work, so please do not steal it.

fic link
10th-Apr-2012 02:58 pm(no subject)
Hiei and the force
Title: So Close Yet So Far
Fandom: Inuyasha
Characters/Pairing: Sango/Kagome
Prompt: #17, Rebirth, table 2
Rating: T
Notes: Warnings - > angst, AU, OOCness? onesided shoujo ai.
Summary: Oneshot. Sango's POV. Old piece. 'Maybe in our next life you won't be so close yet still so far from my heart, Kagome. Maybe I'll finally have the courage to tell you how much I love you.'
Disclaimer: Don't own Inuyasha, so I'm not making money off the writing of this fic.

winchester family 2
Title: Pain and Longing
Author: sailorhathor
Word Count: 12,159
Fandoms: "November Rain" - Guns n' Roses (Music Video)/Supernatural Fusion
Pairings: Fictional Axl/Fictional Slash (Unrequited), Fictional Axl/Fictional Stephanie Seymour
Claim & Prompts: Supernatural: General Series. Table 2 #2 Salvation, Table 3 #19 Writer's Choice: Selfless.
Rating: Adult (R)
Warnings: Het and Slash sexual references (not incredibly graphic). Language. Violence. Major Character Death.
Summary: Saul made a promise he wasn't sure he could keep. "If you find something that needs killing, I'll be your hunting partner, okay? You're my bud 'til the end. We'll figure it out together."
Author's Notes: Thanks to Ari for inspiring the name of the band, and to Vae for the initial beta. Written for yuletide 2011.
7th-Jan-2012 02:05 am - For the new claimers
badass dave
It has been brought to my attention that the mod of this community deleted her journal quite some time ago without turning the comm over to anyone else. One of the things I do over at my fanfic challenge community fc_smorgasbord is save tables from communities that have been abandoned. If you tried to make a new claim here and it was never approved, you can now come make this claim over at fc_smorgasbord; the tables here have been imported to my comm.

Usually I try to contact the mod of a community before I import tables, but that is not possible in this case. No offense or stealing is intended. I just hate to see great tables go to waste. :)
7th-Nov-2011 10:45 am(no subject)
Diana Fowley
Title: Consorting with the Enemy
Fandom: The X-Files
Characters/Pairing: Diana Fowley/Fox Mulder
Prompt: Exodus
Rating: Teen
Notes: Written for Three Weeks for Dreamwidth, reposted to my Live Journal for womenlovefest
Summary: She loves him but she is tired of being second to his quest for the truth.

Consorting With the Enemy
badass dave
Title: Beloved Sin
Author: sailorhathor
Claim: Supernatural: General Series
Table and Prompt: Table 2 #16 Chosen & Table 3 #16 Set Apart
Crossover: Supernatural/Miracles
Pairings: Dean/Paul, Ruby/Mr. Friendly
Rating: Rated R
Word Count: 17,075
Summary: The Relic must die.
Warnings: Violence, some sexual content (het and slash), language
Beta Thanks: Beta'ed by Sammie. Tank you!
Author's Notes: Written for spnslashbigbang.

Title: That a Boy, Clarence
Author: sailorhathor
Claim: Supernatural: General Series
Table and Prompt: Table 2 #8 Ritual & Table 3 #2 Angel
Word Count: 4,106
Pairing: Meg/Castiel
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Graphic het sex. Language. Spoilers for season 6. Meg makes threats of violence against babies.
Summary: Even angels, it seemed, had an ego.
Author Notes: Takes place after "Caged Heat." Thanks to moonlitxmelody for the beta and tvsgrady for looking it over. Written for ninkasa in the spnraritiesfest challenge.
23rd-Jul-2011 12:42 pm(no subject)
Mulder and Scully - umbrella
Title: Of So Divine a Loss
Fandom: The X-Files
Characters/Pairing: Dana Scully/Fox Mulder
Prompt: Author's Choice
Rating: Teen
Notes: This is a cross-over with Stargate SG-1 but no knowledge of that series is needed to understand this story. Set post-IWTB. Written for 2011 xf_is_love.

My thanks to idella for the brain-storming sessions, encouragement and lightening-beta. Any mistakes that remain are mine alone.

Of so divine a Loss
We enter but the Gain,
Indemnity for Loneliness
That such a Bliss has been.

~Emily Dickinson

Summary: He'd regretted the lies to her, but there was a lot more at stake back then. Despite everything, he had kept Scully safe. This time, the very first time he had a headache, as soon as he was certain what it was, he'd told her the truth.

Of So Divine a Loss
3rd-Apr-2011 01:23 am(no subject)
HixYu what else is new?
Title: Two of a Kind
Fandom: Yu Yu Hakusho
Characters/Pairing: Hiei/Yusuke
Prompt: #16, Reverent, Table 4
Rating: T
Notes: Warning - > Light shounen-ai, possibly OOC-ness?
DisclaimerI don't own Yu Yu Hakusho, which means I CAN'T be making money from this fic.

Summary: Poetry. Yusuke's POV, Sweet moment as Yusuke watches his little fire
demon sleep.


Also posted in 30_caresses
3rd-Apr-2011 01:12 am(no subject)
Beat of the heart
Title: Teardrops in the Rain
Fandom: Inuyasha
Characters/Pairing: Sango/Kagome
Prompt: #5, Fallen, table 2
Rating: T
Notes: Warnings - > Suicide, onesided shoujo ai.
Summary: It's Inu Yasha's and Kagome's wedding night, but a tragedy will soon
befall. Poem is in Sango's POV
Disclaimer: Don't own Inuyasha, so I'm not making money off the writing of this fic.

25th-Feb-2011 09:46 pm(no subject)
Hope Without Reason, Scully Photo
Title: "Hope Without Reason"
Author: wendelah1; wendelah1 at gmail dot com.
Fandom: The X-Files.
Characters/Pairings: Fox Mulder/Dana Scully
Prompt: Table 1, prompt: pilgrimage, claim: The X-Files, general
Rating: R for adult sexual behavior and language.
Disclaimer: Not mine.
Word count: 27,006
Summary: The X-Files have been reopened. Nearly three months after her abduction, Dana Scully is still missing and Fox Mulder is still searching for her.

The link is my journal, where it has been posted in four sections.

"Hope Without Reason"
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